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Solar Bluetooth Speaker

Solar Bluetooth Speaker

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Super Bass !!!!

Extreme Loud perfect sound quality!!!!

Self Charging Solar bluetooth speaker!!!!

1.Exclusive patented: with our own utility patent and design patent.
2.Ultra Solar charging: solar charging in 10 minutes, it lasts 30 min.
music playing.(Field testing result, may with small different due to
different environment like sunshine,area,season etc.)
3. Ultra long lasting: 1200mAh battery continuous playing for 12 hours (lab
testing result, may with small difference due to different playing
4.IPX5 waterproof,dustproof and
shockproof. Rubber outer sheath with a sealable lid giving access to
input/output ports.
5. LED light. With different mode--
lighting,burst flashing,SOS flashing .
6.Super high sound quality.
7. Very suitable for outdoors sport like cycling,mountaineering,hiking etc. 2 pcs of Velcro strap and a carabiner with
the product makes you to fix the speaker to your bike or any objects easily.